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    All you really need is one sip and you can instantly tell if someone sucks at life, so a real first date should really never include dinner. Welcome to Latam (the "Site"), a member site of Qpid Network ("Qpid Network" or the "Network"). I like real men,mature,funny,protective,strong (mentally),smart,generous,and I really don t like quiet or rude men.

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    When I failed the eye exam with my left eye the chart didn't seem too blurry for me. I thought I was being asked to read the bottom of the chart.

    I think my left eye sees about 20/50, but that 20/50 looks a lot more sharp than a nearsighted 20/50. Lou , Hi Weirdeyes I fully understand what you are saying, but I'm not really sure.

    Jim H , So I had an eye exam yesterday and had my eyes dilated which was only the second time Ive had it done. This time I really noticed the affect it had on my accommodation to focus up close.

    Quite enjoyed the 2 hours of not being able to focus up close and having to pull my phone further away to read it and actually experience what presbyopia is like.

    I'm personally not one of those since I have astigmatism. I play the trumpet and a lot of the technique becomes automatic like walking and breathing.

    My vision has always seemed less than sharp, but still good enough to see the board and stuff. Even though I'm sure I'd be OCDing if I was -1.00 in both eyes. If you try to analyse what you are doing to much, it can affect your technique, as rather than playing naturally and letting everything fall into place like you subconsciously know how to do, you start manipulating things, and often what you are actually doing is different to what you think you are doing, and your technique suffers.

    Which made me think I needed a very low prescription that doesn't need glasses. I'm sure that if you started concentrating on your breathing, you would start breathing more or less deeply, at a quicker or slower pace, just because it is becoming conscious rather than subconscious. I know that it is not quite the same with the eyes, but if you are always concentrating on your focus, this could affect your accommodation.

    Lou , Hi Weirdeyes I'm not surprised that a big difference between your eyes, and not feeling that your prescription is correct, is giving you anxiety, and if you overall have a tendency for OCD, I cn fully understand why is making it worse. Please as someone who has been there done that and is over twice your age, believe me when I say that there is not much point in having a dog and barking yourself. Email all your concerns in advance and try to trust their opinion.

    It's not completely clear right now, but I think it's clearer than it used to be.I know that prescriptions don't really average out, but I am doing this just to find an average spherical difference between your eyes, which I calculate to be 3.125.I am very pleased to hear that you are getting a re-test next week.I hope he doesn't find me too difficult for wanting a retest.I really feel my eyes straining, even at the distance with my current prescription. Hopefully whatever change he makes will make enough of a difference for me.

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